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October 28, 2009 Central Committee, secretary Zhao Hong Zhu of the Zhejiang Provincial come to visit   2010-6-26 10:08:10   

October 23, 2009 Central Committee of Zhejiang provincial party committee secretary Zhao Hong Zhu and his entourage came to my shop to inspect, guidance and exchange of store operations, management experience. Secretary Zhao praised our product quality and operation of the Division leve management, and for our service work also made many valuable suggestions.  He pointed out that in the current financial crisis environment, Our company still enhance brand awareness, speed up the store's opening up and layout, and actively expand the global marketing network, so that sales and exports have increased, it is indeed commendable.  Secretary Zhao hope us insist on quality management ideas to capture opportunities in a crisis, in the face of adversity to open markets, in order our enterprises to win a broad develop space

For the achievements of our strategic cooperation, Secretary Zhao also spoke highly of and fully confirmed my Division and the South Korean LG Group achieved strong-strong alliance of this approach.  He expressed the hope that we can further integrate leading international corporate resources, make full use of the resources, technology and market advantage, and effectively improve their market overall competitiveness.

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