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October 30, 2009 the company won the outstanding quality and integrity of member enterprises   2010-6-26 10:07:07   
October 30, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Zhejiang province, and in recognition of the Great Hall of a grand selection of outstanding quality and integrity of the province's 100 member companies, and to these 100 companies on behalf of awarding.  China import and export Inspection and Quarantine Association, vice president Chen Sigang, Zhejiang Province, Vice  Secretary Liu Zhiyang, China import and export Inspection and Quarantine Association, Shen Ren’an attended the ceremony and made an important speech.
The poll and the awards ceremony in Zhejiang import &export Inspection and Quarantine Association, "Quality and Safety Year" activities in the organic part of the organization.  According to the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision in 2009 to launch a nationwide "Quality and Safety Year" activities.  In order to promote the quality of credit system construction, Zhejiang, Inspection and Quarantine Association, China Inspection and Quarantine Association, according to the requirements and deployment of a number of selected strong sense of social responsibility, product quality, company reputation of high quality and integrity of the excellent member enterprises.  The purpose is to promote and recognize the group through the excellent quality and integrity of member companies, through their exemplary role model to drive and promote general import and export enterprises to strengthen quality and safety and integrity awareness, accelerate the quality and integrity of system and fulfill the responsibility of quality and safety, and consciously regulate business behavior, law-abiding business, integrity and self-discipline.
In the event, according to " Zhejiang Import &Export Inspection and Quarantine Association," Quality and Safety Year "activities, the quality of credit-cum-member companies to promote the implementation of measures", as well as excellent quality and integrity of member companies assessed the requirements of ways, Zhejiang provincial bureaus, Inspection and Quarantine Association 6 business assessment team of experts organized to take corporate voluntary application, level-assessment approach to selected 100 outstanding quality and integrity of member enterprises at the provincial level.  In the end, Zhejiang HaoZhongHao health products Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Gu Jia Craft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 100 members won the good corporate honor.
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