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November 15, 2009 Iour company reappointed as China Health Association executive director unit   2010-6-26 10:06:38   
iRest depend on good corporate reputation and influence, access to health-care industry's highest authoritative organizations in China - China Health Care Association, a high degree of recognition, was awarded the China Health Care Association executive director units.  This marks the iRest in Chinese healthy industry in the development process will assume a more significant responsibilities.
China Health Care Association, Secretary-General, Mr. Wang Zhong to the president, Mr. Zhou Guohai iRest issued the executive director of China Health Care Association, unit certificates and bronze.  Awarding ceremony, the Secretary-General Wang iRest achievements in recent years gave high appraise, while massage chair, massage bed to highlight the efficacy and high-tech has also been given full recognition and appreciation.  Director Zhou said that the new year iRest Health Association in strong support of persistent efforts to create success for our contributions to the cause of national health.
iRest as units of executive director of China Health Care Association, , will participate in the industry of major decision making and promotion, participate in industry standard-setting, implementation of the health unit of the functions of the Association executive director, vigorously support and work with the Chinese Health Association.
China Health Care Association is the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Civil Affairs review, the State Council approved China now has the highest authority of the healthcare industry organizations.  Its core by the China Health Industry representative medium-sized enterprises within the composition, is to contribute to healthy development of the industry and scientific and technological progress.  Authorized and commissioned by the government departments, China's health-care associations to participate in the development of national standards and industry standards and industry production and business licensing, quality inspection and so on.
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