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Certificate of Origin can be   2010-6-26 10:05:51   
In the first 10 months,Wenzhou enterprise "lost" more than 26 million in tariff concessions.
The Certificate of Origin can be "real money" to go to Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Wenzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds Enterprise: It is not troublesome to apply for certificate of origin for Free Trade Area.

Reporter got the information from Wenzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was that the first 10 months of this year ,the city issued a total of 1822 copies of the ASEAN Free Trade Area preferential certificates of origin,involving an amount of more than 49 million U.S. dollars,an increase of more than 70%.According to Wenzhou customs statistics,in the first 10 months,the city exported a total of 584 million U.S. dollars to ASEAN.Thus estimated that approximately more than 500 million U.S. dollars of the goods that export to ASEAN countries do not share import duty exemptions.Calculating it with an average tariff reduction of 5%,export enterprises in Wenzhou "lost" more than 26 million U.S. dollar tariff preferences in vain in the first 10 months.Althought the export enterprises cannot get this preferential tariff directly in ostensibly,it can be used as a bargaining chip in price negotiations.

C/O is short for Certificate of Origin,it is a document that prove the origin of goods,also is the "economic citizenship"and "passport" for goods enter into the international trade area,one of the most important role is that it can as the basis of importing country鈥檚 customs determine the rates of the treatment.Since 2005,China and ASEAN have fully launched the free trade zone,July 20 in the same year,China-ASEAN Free Trade Area tariff reduction scheme to start,the two sides implement the tariff reduction for about 7000 items,grant each other preferential tariff treatment.However,some of the export enterprises are not enthusiasm for applying for the C/O of tax relief.The Director of Wenzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Inspection Services Department Wang Min said: "The main trouble is,some enterprises worried troubles.We repeated enterprisers in the handling process,they still feel trouble and don鈥檛 apply; there are some really don鈥檛 know the relevant preferential policies.In fact,it is not be any troubles to apply for the C/O of Free Trade Area. Enterprises only need to registration in the first time of application.After getting registration No.,you can apply for a certificate by electronic visa,a working day can be approved to obtain the certificate."

The "Well-being Medicine" in our city is the enterprise which use the preferential C/O from the free trade zone well. The number of copies of their application in this year are several times more than last year.

China- ASEAN Free Trade Area has entered the countdown,it will be finished in next January.The biggest free trade zone in the world attaching more and more Chinese enterprises to use "C/O",to enjoying preferential treatment in tariff reduction,to exploit the ASEAN markets.Deputy director general of Municipality Trading Bureau Pan Pingping said: " Most of the Wenzhou products can enjoy tariff preferences after China and ASEAN opening up their markets,especially in low-voltage electrical,automobile and other light industrial products.The city should to expand investment in ASEAN to develop the cooperation between China and ASEAN to a key point.Last month,there are more than 10 enterprise participated in the Sixth China-ASEAN Exposition."
The Secretary-General of China-ASEAN Exposition Zheng Junjian said that the free trade zone is completed on schedule,can help China and ASEAN countries to acquire more opportunities to enter each other's markets,can enjoy trade liberalization and investment facilitation more fully.The Chinese enterprises in the export of ASEAN countries,shoule be comprehensively and accurately grasp a variety of preferential policies,such as making full and well use of certification of origin,to avoid missing the benefit from tariff preferences.

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