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Dynamic iRest 2009---a trip of picking up waxberry   2010-6-26 14:57:28   
On June 13, more than 100 workers drove to The Town of Waxberry ---- Cha Shan. We enjoyed the harvest of waxberry with farmers. As the poem said, it was a right time to taste waxberry. Seen from the road, we got excited by the mountains of waxberry.
When you were far from the waxberry, seas of green forest will fresh your eyes. When you were near to the waxberry, the red licked your chops. The wind blew our hats but we smiled always. We walk in a winding small piedmont. We found some farmers are picking waxberry, the basket of waxberry hanging on the branches. We got excited from tired and waiting to pick up in person. According to farmers, the most famous waxberry was Ding Ao berry which just we were going to pick. Because it was big and round-shaped, red color, Beattie green, pick with stem, and was regarded as the name of "Hong Pan Lv Ti".
Along the mountain road, through a bustling waxberry trees, we got to the destination 20 minutes later. Thousands and millions of fruit in the tree, and they swayed in the wind. What a beautiful landscape! I picked one waxberry slightly and ate it. That was so delicious! A little sweet and acid filled with my mouth. We enjoyed picking waxberry, delicious fruit and spice of life
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