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Governors visited iRest   2010-6-26 14:56:37   
 On July 2, Zhao Yide, the mayor of Wenzhou Municipal Committee deputy secretary, Meng jianxin, the new Deputy Mayor, and Qiu yang, Pingyang County party secretary, came to our company for expedition. They discussed with our CEO Zhou Guohai affectionately.<br>
     Zhao visited factory and even department. He appreciated of the strict rules of enterprises and the nice atmosphere. Especially, he spoke highly of our achievements we gained in 7 years. He emphasized: it is very promising that iRest stood in the health industry, and provided massagers which people were able to afford. Besides, he hoped that iRest adhere the principles of people-oriented and innovation, and will gain higher achievements.<br>
     Zhao inferred to the situation of national economy. He asked us to pay attention to the orientation of world economy in the very financial crisis. Though at present, the overall economy is going to a little stale, international trade protectionism rise, we must avoid some crises. At last, he promised that city party committee and government will do a good job with the national relevant departments in order to create environment for developing. They sincerely wish iRest bright future
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