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Powerful combination,win-win future iRest cooperate with world's top 500 companies - LG Group   2010-6-26 14:55:27   

During passed eight years,iRest have always taken care of human healthy, and aim to develop  massage products which can be bought by all the people.In 2009,iRest sign global strategic cooperation agreement with LG,becoming the first strategic partner of LG in the world for the massage equipment.We start the cooperation on the basis of sharing resources,brand promotion ,marketing and so on.

LG Group is a international enterprise with 50 years of glorious history, is the third-largest business groups in Korean,having 44 diffierent companies , setting up more than 300 offices and foreign institutions in 171 countries and regions.  Group's production accounts for one-tenth of South Korea's GNP.The annual sale revenue is more than $700 billion .There is 12 million employees around the world .
  As a professional manufacturer dedicated to massage chairs, massage table and other health care massage apparatus product design,iRest is toward the direction of globalization and make effort to build the first brand of health-care massage appliance industry in China.  
Why LG choose iRest from hundreds of companies,Pu yongyi ,vice president of LG,said:鈥淎s society began to enter the aging stage,healthy industry will have great prospects in the future.After several times rigorous examination,we are satisfied with their management capacity, product quality, technology research.What鈥檚 more,we trust in comprehensive strength and brand appeal of irest.Expecially in the after service,

When asked why the LG Group, hundreds of businesses from a global selection and iRest's cooperation, LG, group vice president Park Young-a, said: "As society began to enter the aging stage, the future health industry will have great prospects for development.'s Therefore, the final choice iRest, because of repeated after a rigorous examination of its management capacity, product quality, technology research and development capabilities to fully trust and recognition is even more optimistic about the company iRest comprehensive strength and brand appeal. particularly in the after-sales service ,the warranty of irest has been 2 years for machine,5years for motor. Therefore, the marriage of LG Group and  iRest companies, will be a new benchmark of international healty industry in the future ."

iRest eatablish long-term cooperation relationship with the United States Harvard University, China Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University to keep R & D advantage, is the drafting company of national massage equipment industrial standard , and is always adhering to the "refresh yourself ", hasing  successfully developed a unique AMS airbag massage techniques, body image sensor technology and the world's first intelligent massage  touch screen operating system and so on. Whether the product R & D and innovation, or the internal management and operation of the market maturity, iRest have a lot of experience and heritage.

iRest CEO Mr. Zhou Guohai said: "After two years selection, LG Group finally select iRest, indicating that they recognize our software and hardware . iRest should  send a technical team to learn and exchange technology with LG technicians irregularly.And we also need to absorb advanced management, marketing, logistics, corporate culture and other aspects of the concept from the world's top 500 enterprises . Learn from each oter,improve ourselves." Zhou also stressed:" Internationalized healthy product is not just based on health, it should also be a taste, a life pursuit. we always grasp the pulse of consumer demand and adhere to supply the best of health products to consumers. iRest and  LG Group, we can take full advantage of our strong technical research and development capability. It lays a good foundation for irest鈥檚 internationalization on the basis of globle marketing net and industry from LG. Eventually enhance the reputation of irest in the world .

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