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On january 7, 2010, iRest 2010 annual General Assembly of national   2010-6-26 10:04:04   
January 7, 2010, iRest 2010 annual General Assembly of national franchisees in Pingyang Yaping Hotel. In the General Assembly locale, more than 60 dealers from Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing and other cities gathered in here,we share their experience and business ideas, to share successful experiences,build a solid foundation for creating a new performance in 2010.
  During the meeting, our company invited to the Asian first-class orator, super-speechcraft coach, learning Chinese ?the Executive Chairman Liu Jinglan,the lecturer of Century Success Forum,he made a wonderful training called "Creating Learning Team" . He guided us to fully understand the importance of learning,also stressed that enterprises should enhance training efforts,drilling the training content in their work. He believes that genius is diligent in thinking and execution, improving and then constantly repeated. This view was the consensus of participants.
  In addition to exchange of experience, training and study, iRest 2010 annual General Assembly of national franchisees have an important part that is the award for outstanding dealers. iRest president Zhou Guohai award honorary certificates and prizes to 10 dealers who achieve the outstanding achievement in 2009, and encourages dealers to creat a better achievement in 2010.
  The president of iRest Zhou Guohai made a wonderful speech in the convention,sharing experience of person growth with the participants.He pointed out that:there are more than 100 iRest dealers accorss the country, more than 400 exclusive shops in 26 privinces.
  In such circumstance that international financial crisis sweeping the global,the company is in swing in the domestic business development,sales increased year by year,it is based on excellent effort.iRest invite all the franchisees gathered in Wenzhou,prospect the 2010 brand developing together.Finally,Mr. Zhou emphasized that good products will have good service to symmetry,expect all the dealers be of one mind,develping the brand in 2010 and omproving the service levels to ensure iRest continue to maintain a good developing tendency in future operation.
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