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On January 15, 2010, IRest2009 an annual summary and the New Year   2010-6-26 10:00:07   

On January 15, 2010, which was near to New Year eve, IRest2009 an annual summary and the New Year festival party was successfully held in furniture center. we talked with new year plan. And enjoyed the colorful activities.
"We bid farewell to a fruitful 2009, quietly ushered in hopeful 2010 ," president Mr. Zhou Guohai delivered a warm New Year's speech。In his speech, he reviewed the past year by the brilliant achievements, and the work carried out on the arrangements for the coming year. He couraged us to adhere iRest spirit, continue to carry forward the spirit of solidarity, mutual cooperation, to improve morality, and work hard; and faithfully insist on "love, confidence, devoted, cooperative, Worry-saving, secure" and achieve the whole year strategic objectives fully challenges. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhou also showed his greatly appreciation to every worker!
Evening party was began with the song "Ode to the Motherland". The next programme “everyone rowing?which proformed by Domestic market deptment bring us a warm, magnificent feeling and also show the great cohesion of iRest. A "Red Flag flowing" making us blood boil, memorizing us to the revolutionary martyrs. we also enjoyed the happiness dance "scrubbing brush" brought from production department,whose promgramme showed the great days of China's reform and open in 30 year's. Cantata "Foolish Old Man", "unity was strength" once again song the iRest who forge ahead in unity and perseverance. This evening, all kinds of dance, showing scenes of flowers are blooming. Three people dance "Ai Ya" took us into the world of youth. Package workshop Fang Yuanqian "Modern Dance" depict the great charming of reform and open policy. Xu Lixiang, from Sewing workshop, performed excellent magic and took the mystical veil to the party.
The harmonica solo"Yi Jianmei" that YongJiang Zhang played  just  now  took us into the hall of national  Classical  music, bamboo fluters "Red flowers bright red" 0f  AnPing Long also blew a whirlwind of loess high-slope. At the end of the party, with humorous language , comedy "Flirting Scholar" pushed  the  cheerful atmosphere  into high point,the whole room were full with peace festival atmosphere. Evening one climax after another, which greatly enriched the cultural life of the employees.The party created a lively, festive atmosphere for their return. wonderful programmes combine  iRest strong corporate culture and employee style closely together, full of iRest versatile staff.
In the party, 36 workers,which were  very hard-working in 2009, were commended. In addition, the party also make an interactive with audience. Some tasteful gifts were send to the lucky-dogs. Such as a massage chair, foot massagers, delicate DVD and other prizes. All of these bring warmness to every person's heart.  Executive Vice President Mr. Jiang Yongying, said:  
Closer to the New Year, the staff the more need the encouragement and support from the business. The aim to hold Chinese New Year party was to enhance the cohesion. 
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